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1905 - 1987 "Where Education is Life"       

Herluf L. Jensen
Adelphian Academy Dean of Boys
1921 - 2003

This tribute was written in 1997 for the 40th Reunion of the Class of 1957. Sadly, Mr. Jensen passed away in May, 2003. His wife preceded him, passing away in April, 2003.

Herluf Jensen was born of Danish stock on the last day of December, 1921, in Minnesota. He attended elementary school in Pine County, Minnesota and completed his freshman year at Pine Forest Academy in Chunky, Mississippi, before being drafted into the U.S. Army. He served his country with distinction for three years as a medical tech in England, France, Belgium and Germany.

With Honorable Discharge in hand, Mr. Jensen enrolled in Maplewood Academy and graduated in 1947. He attended Union College for two years before transferring to Emmanuel Missionary College (EMC) where he earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in biology in 1952. Mr. Jensen completed requirements for the Master of Arts Degree in biology at Michigan State University in 1959.

While at EMC, Mr. Jensen became acquainted with a Detroit girl by the name of Bernadette Marietta. They were married in 1951. Mrs. Jensen taught home economics, and English classes while at Adelphian Academy.

Mr. Jensen taught one year in the Benton Harbor Public School system before coming to Adelphian Academy where he taught biology and was dean of boys from 1953 to 1957. From 1957 to 1961, Mr. Jensen taught biology and several other classes at Adelphian Academy. He served for a total of seven years as principal of Cedar Lake and Loma Linda Academies. For eight years, Mr. Jensen was a trust administrator at the Loma Linda University Foundation. He retired from the university in 1987. Since retirement, he has volunteered hours of his time to various groups and social service agencies in Loma Linda.The Jensens live in Loma Linda, California, and are active campers. They have two sons. Their eldest, Jay, is a physical therapist and sports trainer with the Portland Trail Blazers. Brad is a helicopter pilot with West Coast Helicopter, Inc. Robert Louis Stevenson, writing about an individual he admired, wrote, "He stands head and shoulders above the common herd." Those who have known Herluf Jensen through the years express the same sentiment about him. Steady, committed, dedicated, caring, compassionate, trusting, and "man among men" are descriptive words spoken of him today. It is in appreciation for his dedicated and committed service that we, the Adelphian Class of '57, in celebration of our 40th anniversary, have chosen to honor our former Dean and teacher, Herluf Jensen.

Years ago, D.J. Orfield wrote the poem entitled "That Man is Rich." It follows on the next page. It could have been written of Herluf Jensen.

–Bud Racine

That Man is Rich

That man is rich;--
Who gives the world the best he has
From day to day;
Who sees the good in every class
On life's highway;
Who never tries his wealth to mass
But gives away;
Who never robs another's heart
Of any joy;
Who never tries good friends to part
Or to destroy
The hope that's groping for a start
In every boy;
Who finds a joy in birds and flowers
And babbling brooks;
Who loves the sunshine and the showers--
The shady nooks;
Whose soul within him never cowers
But upward looks;
Who values most the priceless things
Not bought with gold;
Whose voice with kindness ever rings
To young and old;
Who, with his sunshine, ever brings
A joy untold.

--D.J. Orfield

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