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Jim Ferguson - Class of 1964

Who would have guessed that Jim Ferguson, Class of 1964 would become a champion tournament fisherman and a
well-known radio talk show host?

Jim on air
Jim Ferguson on the air

Jim’s broadcasting and writings draw upon more than 47 years of hunting and fishing experiences. His photographs have been covers on Texas Bass Magazine, Ohio Magazine, Oil & Gas Journal, Northeast Oil Reporter, Gulf Coast Oil World, and on several outdoor publications. He has been an outdoor writer for over 30 years writing for numerous outdoor publications like Outdoor Life, Permission to Hunt, Christian Outdoorsman and Texas Bass.

Jim enjoyed many years as a tournament fisherman fishing for bass and stripers. He has hosted several trips to Alaska, Canada and Mexico where he shared his knowledge of hunting and fishing with the men and women that accompanied him on those trips. Jim has taught fishing clinics in grade schools, Bass Fishing Texas Style at Sam Houston State university Continuing Education and has spent hundreds of hours with men, women and children at trade shows teaching them the fundamentals of hunting and fishing.

Radio Host Jim Ferguson

Jim has been a guest on many outdoor television and radio programs promoting hunting and fishing. His travels have taken him from the Arctic Circle to Old Mexico and he has harvested 19 out of 29 North American Big Game animals including three B&C and three P&Y. Jim Ferguson made 30 personal appearances in 2008 either as an emcee or a guest speaker at various banquets like Ducks Unlimited, Pheasants Forever, SCI and others. He has been filmed as a guest on Engel’s Outdoor Experience, and will be featured in Chris Bailey’s Reel Outdoors, The Huntley Way and Ducks Unlimited Television. Jim writes for Family Fish & Game Magazine and Outdoor Life and his articles touch the lives of everyone that reads them.

Jim Ferguson, is a Kansas based broadcaster and writer that has won the Kansas Association of Broadcasters First Place Award for Excellence in Broadcasting in 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2007 with his outdoor program the Great American Outdoor Trails Radio Magazine. He’s also an award winning writer who in 2000 won the Kansas Press Associations’ Excellence in Journalism Award. In 2005 the Outdoor Writers Association of America awarded him a First and Second Place award in their national competition and in 2006 and 2007 two third place awards in their national competition.

Accomplishments & Awards:

The Great American Outdoor Trails Radio Magazine is a leader in outdoor communication. GAOT’s award winning program has over a dozen first, second and third place awards for its content. The shows stellar list of celebrities exceeds 400 since it began six years ago. Some of GAOT’s featured guests have been: Wayne Pearson, Ted Nugent, Charlie Daniels, John Barrett, Huntley Ritter, Tracy Byrd, Tony Markris, Larry Dahlberg, Lee & Tiffany Lakosky, Tred Barta, Larry Weishuhn, Niki Atcheson, Michael Waddell, Craig Boddington, Diana Rupp, Irlene Mandrell, Shemane Nugent, Arron Tippin, Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall, Larry the Cable Guy, John Sigler, Kayne Robinson, Jimmy Houston, Hank Parker, Ken Cook, Scott Suggs, Larry Csonka, Greg Miller, Pat Reeve, Nicole Jones, Tom Miranda, Chuck Adams, Jim Zumbo, Bob Eastman, Bob Rich, Gary Dollahon, Doug Hannon, Tom Siekas, Bill Miller, Mark Chesnutt, Colorado Buck, Ron Schara, Jim Low, Wade Bourne, Scott Layseth, Andrew Zimmern, Peter & Kate Feducia, Dennis Miller, Steve West, Govenor Mike Huckabee, Govenor Kathleen Sebilus, Keith Warren, Suger Ray Leonard, Ed Sanders, Charlie Moore, Gerald McRaney, Mike Iaconelli, Kevin Van Dam, Ted Takasaki, Mark Zona and many more.

Personal Information

Jim in 1964
Jim in 1964

I am married to wife Terrie. We have six sons, eleven grandchildren and a black lab named Harley. My three year old grandson Noah called me yesterday to tell he he went hunting with his Dad and I and he harvested a pheasant. I listened intently as he told the story enjoying every minute of all the details he threw into it. The fact was he had just woke up from his afternoon nap and had dreamed it. Neat huh! I say if you can dream it you can achieve it. I didn't start my radio career until I hit 55. I don't think I'll ever retire I'm just going to refire in a different direction. I've always surrounded myself with younger people because they keep you young. People our age are normally old. George Burns said it was his job to get older, but he didn't have to be old in the process. I feel the same way. The average age of my company is just over 32 years of age. Boy have they got energy. I encourage you to listen to one of my programs. That will give you some idea of how I am after nearly 44 years of being out of high school.

5 Feb 2009
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