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Alumni Week-end 2007

Hosted by the Honor Class of 1957

June 8 & 9, 2007, Holly, Michigan

Alumni Association President Welcome

On behalf of the Adelphian ACademy Alumni Association, I want to welcome each one to this year's Adelphian Academy Reunion.

We particularly wish to thank those of you who have come representing the classes of '47, '57, '67 and '87.

I am pleased that our special guests Dr. Randy Roberts and his family are here with us. We look forward to Randy's sermon at the 11:00 o'clock hour Sabbath morning.

Once again, thank you for coming. May this week-end be a truly memorable and enjoyable time for you.

Norman Wilson, '60, President

In Recognition of Service

  • Peggy Dean Hoffmeyer, '60
    Peggy has been an active member of the alumni association for many years. The class of '57 wishes to recognize her in appreciation for her dedicated service.
  • Evelyn Bigford Lutz
    Evelyn Lutz has lived in Holly most of her life. Since 1971 she was been a driving force behind AA's annual reunions. The class of '57 wishes to recognize her in appreciation for her steadfast commitment to the association.
  • Marlene Murphy, '65
    Marlene professionally created the Adelphian Academy website. As of April this year, more than 51 graduating classes are represented on the site, with more than 550 student and faculty registrations. The class of '57 wishes to recognize her in appreciation for her creative efforts on behalf of Adelphian Academy's former students and faculty.
  • Norman Wilson, '60
    As president of the Adelphian Academy Alumni Association, Norman, through the years, has provided committed leadership to the association and its annual reunions. He serves with distinction, giving of his time and talent without reservation. The class of '57 wishes to recognize him in appreciation for his service to the association.
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