Adelphian Seal Adelphian Academy Alumni Scrapbook
1905 - 1987 "Where Education is Life"       

Adelphian School Song

Stand up and cheer, stand up and cheer for our Adelphian
For today we praise, the purple emblem and the gold.
For true endeavor, thy praise is heard in every clime,
Thy guiding light will lead us right
To give thy message so divine.

We thank thee ever, for noble standards high and true,
For the school we love, our pledge of service rings anew.
Heart, hand, and spirit are guided in the ways of truth.
You help us live, and ever give
A lofty purpose to our youth.

Hail, Alma mater, our mem'ries dear we owe to thee,
And within thy halls, you've spurred us on to victory.
With happy voices, and hearts that beat with loyalty,
We give thee praise, through coming days,
For hopes we cherish endlessly.

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