Adelphian Seal Adelphian Academy Alumni Scrapbook

Class of 1962

Alumni who have passed on:

  • Guy Ebeling
  • Julie Johnson
  • Sarah Churchill
  • Nile Kiepinger
    (Mar.3, 2000)
  • Larry Bergstom
    (Fall, 1985)
  • Guy Ebeling
    (Sept. 12,2010)
  • Janet Cantrell
  • Karen Stringham (Feb. 5 1993)
  • Sandra Caskey
    (July 27, 2008)

Alumni Week-end, June 8-9, 2012

Alumni Week-end


The 50th Year Honor Class of 1962 coordinated the week-end activities, but the Class of 1947 was also honored for their 65th anniversary. Here are a few snapshots. Anyone who attended and has photos to share, please send them to the webmaster to be added to this slide show. 

Registration and Reception

Sylvia Breen and Carolyn Tignor

Sabbath Service

GLAA Principal Ray Davis, Connie Schaffer, Dick Schmid, Merna Wright, Dr. Joseph Stoia, Muriel Edwards

Alumni in the Audience

Standing: Judy Steck, Nancy White, Olivia Ernest, Andy Poole, RoseAnn Wilson

Sabbath Service

Connie Schaffer gave a wonderful talk on "Where God Leads Me" followed by Dr. Joseph Stoia, who spoke on "The Chip is off my Shoulder"

Sabbath School

Song Service: Louise Hendricks Smith, Delores Foll Gilliland (former Senior Trio)
Welcome: Suzanne Carle Hansen
Prayer: Judy Steck
Scripture: Nancy White Schwartz
Special Report: Rose Wilson Hill
Mission Story: Dr. Raymond Mayer
Special Music: Rose Wilson Hill
Homecoming: Suzanne Carle Hansen
Lesson Study & Benediction: Dr. Alan Patterson

Worship Service

Song Service: Louise Hendricks Smith, Delores Foll Gilliland, Muriel Edwards Cow, pianist
Announcements: Peggy Dean Hoffmeyer (Alumni Association President)
History of Adelphian: Written by Evelyn Bigford Lutz and read by Delores Foll Gilliland
Message from GLAA: Principal Ray Davis
Welcome: Louise Hendricks Smith
Prayer: Merna Wright Hubbell
Scripture: Dick Schmid
Anthem: Directed by Dale Rhodes
Sermon: "Where God Leads Me" by Connie Schaffer
"The Chip is Off My Shoulder" by Dr. Jopseh Stoia
Closing Hymn: "Battle Hymn of the Republic"
Benediction: Dr. Joseph Stoia

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