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Alumnus of the Year Award 2007

Dr. Dale E. Twombley
Dr. Dale E. Twombley

Dr. Dale E. Twombley

Insightful leader, visionary businessman, dedicated educator, committed administrator, thoughtful philanthropist, admirer of machines and motion.

A friend of Gods and a friend to man.
A distinguished representative of Adelphian Academy Class of 1957.

In appreciation for his commendable service to the Church; its youth and its varied institutions.

Presented this day by the Adelphian Academy Alumni Association In Holly, Michigan

June 9, 2007

Norman D. Wilson, President
Peggy Dean Hoffmeyer, Vice President

Norman Wilson, President of the Class of 1957 presented Dr. Twombley his award with this introduction:

Dr. Dale E. Twomley
Alumnus of the Year 2007

Dr. Dale Twomley graduated from Adelphian Academy in 1957. He received his Bachelors Degree in business administration from Andrews University, and started his professional career as an academy teacher.

Dale has always been a leader. His insight and vision for education became evident when he received his doctorate degree while serving as principal at South Lancaster Academy and Shenandoah Valley Academy.

Dale went on to become the dean of the School of Business at Andrews University, where he brought excellence and professionalism to the program, including national accreditation. Under his leadership, the schools enrollment increased dramatically.

Dr. Twomley then went to work at Worthington Foods where he served as its president for 16 years; bringing international recognition to the health food industry. He was successful in negotiating a buyout of Worthington Foods by the Kellogg Company. The sale value of Worthington stock doubled, and its product names continue to be marketed throughout the world.

Mount Vernon Academy then became Dales committed focus. As its business manager and principal, he volunteers his professional and personal time on behalf of the Adventist Christian Education. During his tenure at MVA, he has brought about a dramatic institutional revitalization that has improved finances, enrollment, alumni participation and philanthropic investments. Under his leadership, the school has become a shining example of the possibilities of Adventist academies, where committed leadership and vision makes an unquestionable difference.

Recently, Dr. Twomley answered the call to return to Shenandoah Valley Academy as its principal. Again, we find God using Dr. Twomleys personal and professional skills in that institution to create a positive attitude of excellence and achievement.

Dr. Twomley has served the Church and its educational endeavors with distinction. It is for this that the Adelphian Academy Alumni Association has chosen him to be the AA Alumnus of the Year.

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