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Trudy Harvell - Class of 1966

Who would have guessed that Trudy Harvell, Class of 1966 would become a clown?

Trudy the Clown
"Tru-Blu the Clown"

Hello, This is Trudy Harvell Doerner '66. I was asked by Marlene to tell you what I have been up to lately. This is my CLOWN MINISTRY — my type of clown is an AUGUSTE. For years I have wanted to do a ministry outside of the church ministries, this is what I have decided to do! My Auguste clown name is Tru Blu, my Hobo name is Tooder. There are several photos of me on this page.


I went to a professional clown school for 12 weeks straight to learn my art. At The Magic City Clown School, I learned how to put on clown make-up (it’s not as easy as it looks), choose my clown outfits, my wigs and even my nose! (there are three different kinds of noses in these photos). We learned how to do magic, to work with puppets, do skits, embellish stories, tie items out of balloons and to face paint. The learning never ends! Our Clown Alley meets once a month to continue to learn and add to our art!

I clown at Children's Hospital, for Charities (my favorite) and Fundraisers. Occasionally we do a Children's Story in church and help with Children's Church. I have also face painted for Vacation Bible School (have you ever tried to paint on a wiggly little 4 — 6 year old?) ha I have been in the Veteran's Day parade, one of the biggest in the country (here in Birmingham, AL). My next place to clown will be at a Nursing Home. Some clowns do Birthday Parties for money, I do not!

My favorite part of clowning is to see the smiling faces, where we help someone forget about their troubles/pain for a short time. Can you believe that there are some people out there that are actually afraid of clowns? Ha If you are interested in my art, you can email me at

Personal Information

Trudy married Karl Doerner, Adelphian Class of 1965

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