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Carol Rhodes Brummett
1930 - 1985

When Carol was a small child, my dad once held her feet in his large hands to warm them. She loved reminiscing with her friends and would ask him if he remembered. Before television, families gathered to entertain themselves on Saturday nights. At one of those parties, she had told him her feet were cold.

My first recollection of Carol was at a Collegian concert in Pontiac. She wore a dark full-length formal gown. Her auburn red hair hung to her shoulders. The director proudly introduced her as his accompanist; said she was an accomplished pianist... had perfect pitch and that she was from Holly. She seldom took her eyes off him as she played.

She became Miss Rhodes to us at Adelphian, and she gave some of her students humorous nicknames. She said babies know how to breathe naturally, that it takes breath control to effectively sustain a note and that we could learn something from them. She would show her students how to drop their jaw and relax for preferable tone quality.

Milton Draper came to her music studio to see a friend. He walked about tapping pipes and other objects with a spoon, asking what pitch she heard. Her responses were confirmed on the piano. Yes, God had given Miss Rhodes perfect pitch.She was a master conductor. She would credit Melvin Davis by saying, "What I know about conducting, I learned from him." Master conductors are gifted. They know what they want. Equally important, they know how to communicate what they want, and they don't settle for mediocrity. She believed that music must be memorized to be performed well. The primary purpose of her musical ministry was to bring honor and praise to her Creator and Savior.

She spent hours working with individuals and smaller groups. She scheduled appointments for them to perform at various functions and churches. She was goal oriented, highly energized and motivated; not unlike one who recognizes life is short...that what one does, one must do well and quickly.

Although Michigan, for many reasons, was special, she was well-known in California, and gave of herself unreservedly. Her last assignment was at Redlands Junior Academy. Junior academy choirs are not typically renown. However, her Redlanaires were uniquely superb!

In 1979, Carol realized that several of her former students from Adelphian had migrated to California. She organized them into a choir and called them the Carolaires. At her demise, the choir continued and, in her honor, changed its name to the Carol Brummett Chorale. Her son, Geoffrey Brummett, is its director today.

In the fall of 1983, Carol was diagnosed with cancer. Prognosis was not good. At the appropriate time, the family rented a hospital bed and made room for it in their living room. They were determined that she would pass to her rest in the quietness of her home and in the bosom of her family. However, not before hundreds of her friends came by to be with her again. They sang favorite songs and thanked her for the wonderful and enriching times she had given them. She encouraged them to be faithful and quietly spoke of the fellowship to be enjoyed in the earth made new.

Family and close friends attended her funeral service. Afterwards, they gathered around her casket. For more than an hour, they reminisced and sang hymns before leaving. The next day, a memorial service was held for her in the Loma Linda University Church. The sanctuary was packed.

How fitting that this Adelphian, Class of '57, 40th Anniversary Year Book be dedicated to the memory of our class sponsor, Carol Rhodes Brummett; student, teacher, alumnus of Adelphian Academy; Christian musician, teacher, leader and faithful friend; loving wife and mother.

Her significant and professional contribution to the church's music education program is indeed note-worthy and commendable. Her personal commitment and dedication to its youth will not soon be forgotten.

–Bud Racine

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