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Jim Wheeker
Class of 1966

Passed away 1971 or 72

This tribute was written by Jim's former classmate and friend, Donn Swartz at the suggestion of Irene Dennison, another classmate.

Jim Wheeker

Jim Wheeker was my roomate for two school years and during one summer at Andrews University. Jim was a great roomate who loved an Aquarium, which helped make a very tranquil and peaceful environment in our dorm room. Jim went as a student missionary to one of the Northern African nations in the early 70's.

He had been at the mission compound approximately two to three weeks, when a Peace Core individual who was visiting needed a ride back to his area. Jim volunteered to take the fellow back on the back of a motorcycle. He successfully completed the transport toward the evening, but soon found himself returning to the mission compound in the dark without a headlight. In that part of the world they had a number of conflicts, so they had gates that were opened and closed to restrict traffic flow during parts of the day. Jim came upon one of these gates without knowing it had been dropped since he had gone through it just a short time earlier. The gate hit Jim's head and instantly killed Jim.

The leadership of the mission compound gently cared for Jims body as was outlined in a letter to his parents in which Jims folks shared with me at the funeral. Jim was a quiet individual with good values. Jim was the kind of young man that exhibited all the good qualities that you would want in a son, friend, etc.

He died in 1971 or 1972 as a very young man that had, so much to offer. I had personnally not been close with Jim at Adelphian, but became a good friend at Andrews.

I do remember that Jim played the Tuba or Baritone in Adelphian's band.

Irene remembers Jim as a gentle unassuming guy from the class of '66.

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